Selection Strategy

Not all agents are made the same! 

Our process is to take you from good to great!

Our strategy is unique within the industry.

Our intake is capped to only 100 agents nationwide.


We accept applications from performing agents which have the ability to work within our system so they can reach their full potential.

How can we be so confident of your success? 

We have access to key data which allows us to quickly identify the personality of a top performing agent, our psychometric assessment process looks at key markers to compare them with what is required to be a high acheiver.
Knowing your personality type also helps our coaches know exactly what area to focus on to take you from good to great.


Are you ready to back yourself towards a greater future?



Our technology is your Easy Agent advantage.


 Take the Readiness Scorecard

 Complete the psychometric assessment

 Create your Business Plan

 Discuss your coaching options

 Sign the Easy Agent Licence Agreement

 Complete your induction training

 Begin your road to success


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