What Real Estate Licence do I need?

A minimum requirement of a Full Real Estate Licence is required. 
QLD: Full Real Estate Licence
NSW: Class 2 Licence
VIC: Full Real Estate Licence


I don't currently hold a full licence, can you help?

YES. We have helped over 100 agents obtain their real estate licences with the help of an RTO.


Do I need a registered company?

NO. Most of our agents are sole operators with a trading business name.


I already have a Registered Company, can I use this?

YES. This is your elective how you wish to structure yourself for tax purposes.


What about my Trust Account?

Easy Agent operates Trust Accounts in all States so there is no need for you to have your own trust account.


Can I have other agents working with me?

YES. We have intenitonally structured a business model which allows you to expand your team


How does it work with my Team?

You can bring on agents to work in your Team. You are the "principal" or "Team Leader" and Easy Agent has the principal relationship agreement with you, including payment of all commission invoices go directly to you as the Leader. You can then have your team on your own commission agreements and pay them accordingly. 


How much does each Team Member cost me?

$77 per month. We offer a discounted rate because each team member uses shared tech platforms with their team.


How do I keep my team with me exclusively?

Once you have joined a team member they have an exclusion period of 2 years if they leave your team and seek to join Easy Agent individually.* 
*conditions apply


Is there a different agreement my team members need to join with?

YES. We have intenitonally offered a separate agreement just for you to grow you team. As the team leader you can join members into your team on their behalf as you are the leader with the head agreement with Easy Agent. 


I want my own Website

Great, we encourage all agents to have their own website. The easiest solution is our Agent Mobile Site which is a set and forget RWD website connected to the CRM, meaning all your input is done once on the CRM and your website automatically updates. 


I already have by own Website

That's fine. Then it's business like ussual so long as you update to conform to our branding guidelines.


What are the Monthly Fees?

$99 per month gives you a full turn key agency with all real estate portal subscriptions and tech bundle included.


What are the other Fees?

Easy Agent work on a listing credit basis, 1 credit per listing. 1 credit currently costs $799

A Settlement Fee for all transactions settled via our Trust Accounts incur a Fee of $499

Click here for a full breakdown of all fees


Are Real Esate.com.au and Domain included?

YES. We include all major real estate portals as part of your monthly fee, with feature listing upgrades available.


Can I send my listings to international sites?

YES. We can easily feed your listings to NZ, Malaysia, China and Asia upon request. We currently feed to over 64 offshore portals.


What Brand appears on the web portals?

Easy Agent is the primary account holder on all web portals so our Logo and Branding appears along with the AGENTS NAME and AGENTS CONTACT DETAILS


Do I really keep 100% of my commission?

YES. So long as your listing and settlement fee is paid


Is there a minimum listing commission requirement?

NO. This is your business and you have the freedom to set your commission as you like.


Does Easy Agent have a standard marketing package?

YES. Easy Agent have multiple options available for agents to use. You can structure a package to suit your listing.


Can I do Facebook Marketing?

YES. If you have the experience you are welcome to do this yourself, or you can have our ad agency take care of this for you. Sometimes it may be difficult to identify audiences etc and would be best to leave it to the experts. Easy Agent are the experts in this sector.


Can I do Premier or Highlight feature listings?

YES. All listing upgrades are available for all agents. 


Which CRM does Easy Agent use?

Easy Agent have a unique partnership with RealOnline CRM, one of the leading, if not the leading CRM available in Australia. We have looked at many and found RealOnline to be far superior in many facets including features which none other offers. A very simple platform for easy use and full audit trail for agent protection. You receive a fully partioned sector when you join Easy Agent, meaning unlike with other agencies, your data is exclusive to you and no one else can view it.


What Property Data software does Easy Agent use?

All agents receive their own RP Data account access.


Digital Real Estate Forms?

YES. We use ADL Forms which provide you with every real estate form you will need.


Can I bring my own Database?

YES. We can upload your database into the CRM so you have a seamless transition. We encourage all agents to focus on building their database asset.


Can I take my Database when I leave?

YES. Your Database is your intellectual property. We export this direct from our IT deptartment to you. 


I want to have my own Brand?

Great. We support your own brand. Easy Agent have been the industry pioneers in personal branding.


Do agents have operation territories?

NO. We only expect you to be able to service the listing. 


Are there any agent restrictions?

NO. This is your own businessline within Easy Agent. We do not tell you where you can list, how to list, how to market, how much to charge, these are all business decisions made by the agent. 


Does Easy Agent assist with obtaining new listings?

YES. Easy Agent has a lead funnel for agents which works for all areas, ontop of this if the agent needs a unique personal lead funnel then we can custom design and implement this for you. Lead generation is our expertise along with our sister brand, Lead Funnels Australia, we have paved the future for many agents using our strategies.


Do you have Virtual Assistants available?

YES. This has become a popular option for many agents as they scale their business.
Our VAs can manage many facets of your business under your instruction.


Can I get a Business Coach?

YES. We recommend all agents take advantage of our Business Coaching option when they join, receive your own business coach for the first 3 months at a highly reduced cost. It is very important not to miss anything when you first starting your own business line and your Business Coach will make sure you don't.


I may need a Mentor.

Nearly all high performing agents use mentors. Easy Agent operate a mentor program for all agents. You can choose either a 6 month or 12 month program to suit your budget and needs.


Does Easy Agent have their own Graphic Designers?

YES. Easy Agent have a full team of world class graphic designers who have been responsible for some of the worlds greatest real estate brands. 


Can I bring my existing Rent Roll?

YES. Easy Agent offer two options for agents to manage their rent rolls. 


Can I have a shopfront?

NO. Easy Agent is a cloud based agency so all agents work from home. You may have a serviced office where you meet clients if needed but no shopfronts.


How many agents are with Easy Agent?

Easy Agent is not focused on volume, we prefer to work with a smaller group and ensure they are successful. 
Currently with all our property managers included Easy Agent are just under 200 agents. 


What State does Easy Agent operate?

Currently operating in:
New South Wales
soon opening in:
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory


What is the minimum contracted agreement?

Your initial commitment is 12 months, then you can terminate with 30 days notice.


How soon can I get started?

Agents can be active within 24 hours from providing the documtation required.




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