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One of the first steps towards improving efficiency in your real estate business is to introduce automation into as many facets as possible.

The technical reference for this is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this includes selecting the best business process or processes to automate with RPA in the initial stages of your journey.

When choosing the right process for your organization's RPA program, the goal is to look for characteristics that will ensure successful results. Which business processes can be automated? The processes that meet the following criteria.

  • High in volume and repetitive: High transaction volume, routine processes running periodically (daily or weekly).
  • Rule-based: Standardized processes, decision making based on predictive rules.
  • Mature and stable: Documented, stable, and with predictable operational costs.
  • Low exception: low variation scenarios in the activities that could lead to different handling of procedures.
  • High ROI potential: Choose processes that can provide significant automation savings, usually 2 FTEs work-effort.
  • Not subject to methodology changes: Avoid automating processes in systems that are due to undergo fundamental changes to interface or configuration in the short term.
  • Readable inputs: Processes triggered by standard and readable electronic inputs like MS Word, Excel, XML, PPT, PDFs, and if working with scanned images, RPA can be enhanced with an OCR add-on.


Operations that tend to have these characteristics and are commonly suitable for automation are generally back-office processes in F&A, HR, IT, and front office processes such as customer onboarding and Support.

Below we outline some of the most common back-office processes that are suitable for RPA and have been allocated for within Easy Agent:


Invoice Processing

Organizations of all sizes and industries deal with sending and receiving invoices. It is a critical operation for most finance departments as it relates to the overall functionality of companies.


Sales Contract Processing

Sales operations are a crucial part of every real estate business, and it includes tasks like data entries to CRM systems, Trust Accounting, etc. 


Settlement Accounting Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a crucial responsibility of the accounting department at Settlement, we verify records and balances for accuracy by comparing the different sets of documents from varied formats and sources.

Lead Generation

Automated repsonse form and actions for online lead generation creates a seamless process to onboard new enquiry, listings and clients. 



ERP Data Entry

ERP journal entries are among the most common processes back-office staff spends most of their day doing. Rather than spending most of your day completing data entry our automated processes to ensure all your contacts are entered into the CRM correctly is crucial. 


Systems Queries

Data queries across multiple portals and applications are common processes that employees have to perform to gather data for a specific transaction.


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