Day 4 

Technology Health Check


Your ability to work smarter is your advantage over your competition in todays market.
So let us do a super quick health check of the technology you are currently using.

Many agents working in an office for a franchise brand or even an independent rely heavily on the technology choices of their franchise or their boss, however with the abundant choice of third party tech suppliers this doesnt have to be the case.


Your CRM Database

The number one most valuble asset you create as a real estate agent is your Database.

As an agent you need to protect your database with your life. 

For the agents who still upload all their contacts onto an open shared database CRM, please stop doing this instantly. 

We strongly recommend you find an external CRM to store all your contacts, preferably one with email capability, there are many availble to choose from such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Saleforce and many more.

No these are not real estate specific but at least you keep your contact database secure, and you can still email your database with custom emails with your listings.

This one step is probably your most important decision you can make to secure your future in real estate regardless of who you work for or which brand you move to.



SMS Marketing

Did you know that SMS marketing has an open rate of 98.7%? compare this to email campaigns where an open rate of 12% is considered successfull.

So start with SMS marketing this week.

Don't know how? well of course you have to have your clients mobile numbers first.

There are many ways to get the mobile numbers from exisitng clients and new customers, but we can talk about this in our lead generation section later.

We recomend you use a third party bulk SMS provider to send to your database.

The process is relatively simple once you have it setup correctly.

You will need an account from a SMS marketing platform such as Twilio, SmsBroadcast, DirectSMS or Omnisend or the likes. 

And you will need your database exported in CSV format to upload.

The process from there depends on your software platform you choose.

HOT TIP: Use URL shorters to save with character spaces when sending SMS. Look at using or TinyURL


Intergrate your Techology

Did you know you can intergrate your technology suite choices so they can all "talk" to each other?

Yes it is also very easy and super effective if you like to combine multiple features. 
How is this done?

Zapier is your friend here.

WIth Zapier you can create a ZAP to connect any supported app to another, thus creating a continous workflow.

You may find this slightly complicated at first but it is worth the effort ifyou like to reduce your workload.

Some CRM software already has very good intergration capabilites, if you have this then thats great, but I suspect that most don't.  


Digital Vendor Proposals

Step up your sell proposition to your vendors by using digital proposals.
There is nothing better than working smarter and demostrating this to your sellers by using digital proposals.

Used correctly digital proposals cut out the ambient noise associated with many sales pitches, remember how our sellers switch off to all the ussual sales speak from agents.
By using a platform such as Proppose, you can cement your case for selling there home, along with a working timeframe, costing and commision structure all wrapped into one digital email. 
This process is underwritten when the seller clicks Accept, then you are instantly in business. 
Professional, Clever and Smart, just how you need to be seen.


These are just a few quick technology checks that every agent must do. 
It is in your best interest to secure your database and explore smarter marketing strategies.

As part of Easy Agents mentor program we help agents identify exactly how they need to move forwards with technology they are comfortable using.


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