Day 3 

Know Your Numbers


The single most important factor in a successful business is understanding and knowing your numbers.

You MUST know the metrics around all facets of your business otherwise how do you know if what you are doing is making a difference?

In business, and real estate is no different, we must measure the results of everything we do. 

This then provides us direct feedback of what works and what doesn't.

I have found over the past 20 years too many agents have zero idea of their success rate in marketing, most just throw some money at one type of prospecting and hope for some results. That is just not good enough.

As your success increases, your time management becomes a critical part of your continued growth.

We will discuss options around time management later but here we need to understand the balance between time and cost for prospecting to start with.

Let's consider the 12 main prospecting strategies used by agents today(in no specific order):

Direct Mail
Cold Calls
Letter Box Drops
Social Media
Door Knocking
Chat Bots
Warm Calls
Lead Funnels
Facebook Ads


Each of these take time and cost money to implement, so which ones do you do and how much of each?

You need to find the balance that matches where you are in your business plan, then you scale from there.


See the time/cost/skill/effectiveness matrix below to compare:



Once you have decided on your preferred prospecting strategies, you need to create your weekly planner.

Prospecting is not a singular task, it is one of repetition.

Lets consider the format of your weekly planner, again go and assess your business plan and see how many hours you need to put into prospecting to acheive your goals for where you are right this minute. 
Sort your weekly planner to match these hours, then scale your business from this starting point.


For example, a basic 15 hour weekly planner might look something like this:


Now you have two challenges to complete to set a structure for your future prospecting.

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