Day 2 

Your Business Plan


Every successfull business has a business plan, have you got yours?


This is a serious question and not to be readily dismissed, Let me explain.

Unless you are crystal clear about your end goals, time frames and task allocation, then you don't have a plan. you are merely winging it and hoping to get by.

In today's competitive world that will just not cut it, it sounds like a guaranteed formula to failure.

Yes it may have worked for you in the past, but we need to keep looking forward not backwards. 

Let's prepare our business for the future to make sure we remain relevant, focused and productive.

We need to start thinking like a business owner, not just a real estate agent living from one deal to the next. 

Let's get a clear plan for our future!


Here are things you need to be asking yourself right now...

Your personal plan 

do you have difficulties in making decisions?
do you have the willpower to apply yourself to what is needed? 
Are you adaptable to changing conditions?
Have you determined how many hours per week you are prepared to commit to your career?
Do you have the specific skills to acheive your goals?

How complete is your business?

Have you got a desinated farm area?
Do you have a set marketing budget?
Do you know the statistics for your area?


Get clear on your objectives

Do you know your financial objectives
Are you aware of your greatest challenges within your real estate business?
Have you measured your conversion metrics?
Do you know how to effectively manage your database?
Do you have a vision of how you like to have your business running?



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