Day 14 



Congratulations on completing our 14 day real estate challenge.

This was a sample of what is available for agents in our Academy Site, which is free to all agents when you join Easy Agent.



So you have learnt what to do to reach your goals, what is the next step?



The number one difference between a successfull agent and others is IMPLEMENTATION.

You can go to all the training seminars, listen to all the webinars or podcasts but unless you implement what you are being taught then it is all pointless. 

Don't waste this opportunity you have to implement and change your real estate careers for ever!

It's your time to shine!




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How Easy Agent Works

At Easy Agent you are free to run your business the way you want to. All our agents operate under a licence agreement which offers freedom and flexibility without the constraints of a traditional franchise model. There are no limitations with territory restrictions and you set your commission. Marketing options are available for you to use as needed, and you keep 100% of the commission earned. 

For a set monthly fee, we provide a complete turn key business system to run your own agency. This includes a modern website, advanced templates for all marketing (print and social media), leading CRM, all web portals, trust accounting, and the industry’s most progressive lead generation tools. We also provide a business coach to guide you through your first six weeks. Further professional development is available with our Mentor Program and continual training is available via our Agent Academy site


Why Choose Easy Agent

Are you disillusioned and frustrated with the traditional office model and splitting your hard earned commission with the boss? Easy Agent offers a  bright new opportunity to run your own mobile real estate business.

We recognised the future of real estate would trend towards cloud based agencies way back in 2003 when we launched the first cloud based agency in Australia. Since then we have continually improved our systems and business model to become the leading option for agents looking to create true wealth.

Our national agency attracts outstanding agents due to our level management structure (meaning that all agents get equal opportunities), lead generation expertise, and the support provided to all team members.

Rather than exposing yourself to the risky, costly and time consuming process of opening your own agency, work as an independent under a licence with Easy Agent. We are the brand that suits all markets! 

Looking for something more? Looking to recognise your real worth? Look no further than Easy Agent.


Everything you ever need!   

Real Estate has changed for good.

No need to split your commission anymore.

plus the option to co-brand,

select your own colors

Your own personal lead funnel

Dominate your farm area

Your personal branding

This is real estate done right, for you! 

All this for only $99 per month


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