Day 11 

Three Business Personalities: Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician


Every real estate business owner takes on three distinct personalities in how they think about—and work within—their business. 
The Technician (this is most of us agents) lives in the present and is focused on doing the work of making it, selling it and delivering it. 
The Manager (this is what Easy Agent does for you) focuses on achieving results through people and systems, focusing on the present and strategizing for the future. and,
The Entrepreneur (we do this together) defines the business and focuses on closing the gap between where the business is today and where they want it to be.


The three business personalities in action:



  • Entrepreneurial work is strategic in nature. It involves dreaming, focusing on the future and developing a vision of where the business can go. This vision is specific in terms of what the company will do to serve the wants and needs of the owner.
  • Managerial work is both strategic and tactical, with a focus on the present and on achieving results through others. The Manager is the pragmatist, planner and organizer who turns the vision into action.
  • Technical work is the hands-on work of the business—doing the production and delivery of the product or service. The Technician lives in the present and relies on the guiding structure of the company's systems to get the work done. 




  • The Entrepreneur makes time each day for strategic work to ensure that the company is on course to meet the vision. This time is critical to the Entrepreneur's future.
  • The Manager sees time in relation to personnel and production, knowing the importance of using every precious moment to produce. Managers take the company's strategic vision and plot moment-by-moment tactical action to accomplish that vision. Time for the manager has both long- and short-term considerations.
  • The Technician sees time as the present moment and focuses on what can be done today. The Technician strives to complete as much as possible now, recognizing that more production equals more money.




  • The Entrepreneur pays particular attention to the balance sheets, knowing that the real value of the business is reflected in its equity. The higher its equity value, the greater the price of the business in the marketplace. Equity value determines the entrepreneur's exit strategy—the plan to sell the business and move on.
  • The Manager focuses on controlling costs and increasing profits by creating a tactical growth plan through proper employment of people and assets. They stay on the pulse of up-to-date financial information so they can make quick adjustments when necessary. This tactical action ties the Manager the company’s strategic goals.
  • The Technician looks at money as earnings for work performed. Technicians are always trying to figure out how to do it better and faster in order to make more money. The Technician's efforts are the source of better competitive strategies that allow for a strong, profitable position in the marketplace.



Success in operating your own real estate business is a combination of all 3 above. With the assistance of Easy Agent we help you along each step in growing your business to reach your goals.


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