Day 1 



Congratulations on taking the 14 Day Challenge!

Over the next two weeks you will be presented with various topics that real estate agents face today.

We will address issues surrounding prospecting, securing listings, closing deals and maintaining future relationships with your clients.

Not only will you be able to compare your exisitng processes against the industries leading agents but we will also provide you real world solutions that you can instantly implement into your real estate business.




Day 2 - Your Business Plan      **business builder program

Day 3 - Know your numbers         ***prospecting time table 

Day 4 - Technology Health Check   **CRM and others

Day 5 - Why use a Mentor?    **Mentor program

Day 6 - Do I really need a Business Coach?   **business coaching

Day 7 - You're only as good as the people around you   ***VA & PA benefits

Day 8 - What are you really selling?  **personal brand

Day 9 - How to replicate your results each time

Day 10 - Is your Business on Autopilot?     **automation

Day 11 - What really is my role in my business?    **technician, manager, entreprenuer

Day 12 - Setting your true value       ** commission rates

Day 13 - Love your clients            ** client management

Day 14 - Summary


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